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Leading the way in offshore accommodation support, the Altantic Enterprise is the first in a series of SOV vessels to be offered by Atlantic Offshore as the solution to offshore “walk to work” accommodation requirements and offers the offshore wind and hydrocarbon industries two gangways, the Ampelmann A (Aep) type AHC gangway and also the Ampelmann type-O “walk to work” AHC Gangway solution with AHC crane for light loads. Both units, permanently installed.

  • “Walk to Work” Gangways x 2 (A and O types)
  • SPS Code Flotel SOV – offshore accommodation
  • DP2 – Deep Draft – High Stability – Exceptional Power

The Atlantic Enterprise features multi role capability with her Walk to Work Gangway Systems,  the Ampelman A type and the Ampelman O type.

  • SPS code compliant for 50-75 clients + crew
  • Offshore ‘walk to work’ gangway

  • 2 x in field mini CTV work boats on board
  • Up to 100 berths* in mainly single ensuite cabins

  • Dynamic Positioning DP2 (Kongsberg Maritime)

  • High Power DP capability provided by 3 x 360 degree azimuth + 2 tunnel thruster
  • 3 Point Mooring (including stern anchors) & Wind Farm Ladders for CTV transfers

  • Helicopter Operations: Heli Transfers with Kongsberg heli operations system and Medivac capability
  • Stable: Static DP/Anchored passive anti roll system – 7.6M draft – All designed for comfort in heavy seas
  • High Speed Daughter Craft: 1 x FRC for safety support including guard ship response
  • Container Hatch: Hatch on the upper deck for loading 20′ Containers into the lower decks.
  • Bubble Curtain capability: 3 x HP 1650 CFM compressors and winch systems can provide a subsea curtain of bubbles for sound absorbtion on piling operations.

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