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Your first port of call for Offshore & Subsea services with bases in Brighton, Great Yarmouth & Tilbury Docks.

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What We Do

Atlantic Offshore & Subsea Services provide specialist offshore ship charter and subsea equipment hire on a crewed, “vessel-only” or “vessel-plus-services” charter basis to offshore contractors.  Each ship has a unique capability to be provided to our clients “clear decks” or with a fully mobilised spread of specialist equipment as a full service rental/charter package.

SOV Offshore Accommodation
AHC Offshore Gangway Rentals & Walk to Work
Subsea Boulder Clearance, UXO and debris, survey and removals
Diving LARS platforms and support
Subsea cable/Pipe inspections, lay, repair and removals
Offshore Supply, PLGR. subsurface and seabed intervention
MPSV Multi role vessel charter for offshore services and construction

Offshore & Subsea Services

Offshore Vessels & Subsea Equipment

Vessels for Charter with fully mobilised, packages subsea systems and offshore equipment.


Fully Mobilised Vessel Solutions

W2W AHC Gangways, AHC Cranes, ROGE ROV Systems, WROV Spreads, ROGE RAKE, Mass Flow, Diving Support, PLGR, Survey Spreads

Offshore Wind Farm Vessel Charter

Vessels for Charter with fully mobilised, AHC Gangway and AHC crane support

Our fleet of vessels

Atlantic Enterprise

Offshore SOV Flotel accommodation vessel. DP2. Walk to Work fitted with AHC gangways; Ampelmann A(ep) and also an Ampelmann ‘O’ Type, both permanently installed. SPS coded for 50-100 clients.

Atlantic Tonjer

Dynamic Positioning specialist vessel for cargo carriage, deep water salvage, rock removal and subsea dredging operations with a WROV ROGE Excavator spread permanently built in.

Atlantic Discovery

Dynamically Positioned Multipurpose Support Vessel is capable of many roles including ROGE ROV, Hydropgraphic and Geotechnical Survey, as well as Salvage Operations.

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